Tuesday, November 24, 2015


As business ultimately revolves around selling your products; let us have a look at some power words which can transform cold approaches to hot prospects and even compel them to buy your services.

Firstly, what is power word?
Words that influence people to take into action.

1. Free: People love free stuffs.
2. Revealed: Prospects can never have enough of newly uncovered/revealed products.
3. New: Breakthrough products are demanded by potential prospect.
4. Exciting: Stimulates the reader.
5. Solution: It just reminded the prospect of a problem they would like to solve.
6. Convenient: How about a convenient solution to a problem?
7. Improved:  'new' and 'improved' comes hand in hand. 
8. Results: Consumers don't just want good products, they want pragmatic ones too. Reminding them can give results.
9. Easy: Tech savvy people of the 21st century are very accustomed with the word 'used friendly'; so are their lifestyles.
10. Proven: No one wants to carry out experiments. They want proven products.

These are some great Power words optimizing conversion. But you must remember that, you must use the right words at the right places.

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